Corneel Geerts - Track & Trace

Your shipment monitored at all times.

Over the last decade, Corneel Geerts Transport Group has invested heavily in an ultra-modern track & trace system and an in-house Transport Management System (TMS) to ensure maximum security of shipments coupled with ideal provision of information to its customers.

  • The group’s entire fleet is managed by GPS, remote navigation and online fleet management systems.
  • Direct communication with all drivers.
  • Track & trace extended across partner networks.
  • Every shipment is scanned and given a unique barcode.
  • The customer can follow his transport orders online.
  • Confirmation of the transport order.
  • Status reports for extremely accurate tracking of every shipment entrusted to us.
  • Pro-active reporting to our customers allows them to give their customers better information in turn.
  • We provide information about the precise time of collection and delivery of shipments.
  • Full overview of all phases of the handling of a shipment.
Track & Trace Track and Trace

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